Mahogany Decks

Mahogany Decks

Mahogany is a dense hardwood grown in naturally sustainable forests. Ideal for high traffic environments.

Why Choose Mahogany?

Mahogany decking these days comes from plantation grown and sustainably forested trees. We only source from the best quality trees that have been forested from plantations having minimal effect on the environment. Sawn from the meranti tree, today's mahogany decking creates the look of true mahogany from plantation grown trees.

Philippine mahogany boards are absolutely clear with no knots and are kiln dried to resist shrinkage and swelling. Unlike other Philippine Mahogany sources, this yields a completely clear and ecologically friendly material that is easy to work with and holds the rich beauty that Mahogany is known for.

A mahogany deck looks gorgeous when correctly installed and regularly maintained!

Mahogany Photos